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Full-service event project management that elevates your attendee experience to the next level

What we do

Based on the shores of the Puget Sound in Washington State, we have been providing strategic consulting and high-touch, cost-effective event solutions to a wide range of clients for over 25 years.

At Sound Planning, we believe in the connective and transformative power of bringing people together, and whether these gatherings are in-person or virtual, we are passionate about helping event owners everywhere be successful. Whether you are a multinational corporation connecting with your global sales force, a professional association gathering for your annual meeting, or a local non-profit holding a fundraiser, and whether you are meeting in an in-person or virtual environment, Sound Planning is the right project management partner for you.

Your guide to
event project management

The Strategy

Partnering on your event strategy to guide, inform and inspire throughout your planning process.

The Logistics

Managing all the details that create your attendees’ experience, with attention to quality, reliability and accountability along the way.

The Technology

Guiding smart platform and technology decisions for both in-person and virtual events, and implementing secure and effective solutions for your attendees, sponsors, speakers and more.

Sound Choice
for event project management