The Strategy

Sometimes you need a trusted guide to create your event vision or translate that vision into reality. We work with you on upfront strategic thinking and development of robust, real-world plans for the in-person and digital venues and experiences that will make your event unique and meaningful to your attendees.

Ours is a


planning path for



Listening / Understanding

  • Who are your attendees?
  • Why are you gathering them together?
  • What return are you hoping for on your investment?
  • What return will your attendees receive on their investment?

Design Work

  • Event footprint and program
  • Attendee experiences

Defining the Process

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Meeting cadences
  • Methods of communication

Kick off the Plan

  • Team orientation
  • Timeline
  • Expectations
  • Planning tools

How we help

  • Define clear goals, objectives and desired outcomes based on your organizational priorities.
  • Outline the complete event footprint and flow, with a deep understanding of the organizer, presenter and attendee journeys.
  • Explore virtual and hybrid event options with experience-based coaching and insight.
  • Apply best practices, leveraging industry expertise to increase your potential to reduce costs, minimize risks and maximize attendee benefits.
  • Work through the dizzying array of available event tools, websites and applications to find the best intersection of your needs, budget and planning timeframe.
  • Make the most of your existing skills, and bring in proven service providers where necessary to ensure every aspect of your event runs smoothly.